Services for Canadian Publishers

The Accessible Production Process
A Partnership with Publishers

"Making accessible ebooks is not rocket science...
But it does require some thought and attention to a publisher’s workflow."

The conversion of source files into the EPUB3 Accessible format requires direct engagement from publishers.  The ACCESS++ process is built to promote this engagement and improve publisher understanding without placing undue pressure on editorial staff.

​This page outlines the process 


Production of Accessible EPUB is a multi-stage process. The first stage, which leads to the delivery of an Intermediate file, is carried out for all books submitted to desLibris, whether  submitted for licensed distribution or conversion. There is no charge for Intermediate files.

The Publisher Dashboard

Every publisher partner has a dashboard on which modules for file delivery and titles , 

Source File Submission

The "Add New File" option on the Dashboard opens a module where an ISBN may be entered, basic metadata provided, and the source file submitted via drag and drop.


ONIX records for most titles from Canadian publishers are available on Biblioshare. If publisher Onix is not supplied with the file, , the Biblioshare ONIX is copied and used as the basis for the enhancements described in the ONIX section of the Best Practices page. 

The Intermediate File

The first stage ends with the production of an Enhanced or Intermediate EPUB3, which is suitable for distribution, but lacks the Alt-Text content which is required to meet standards.  This file is identified in the Repository. 

The Repository

After creation, Intermediates are stored in the Publisher Repository. To complete the production of an AEPUB meeting best practices standards, the publisher must select the file and place a "conversion order." 

Alt-Text & Proofing

Accompanying the Intermediate file is a spreadsheet generated as a byproduct of the conversion process. This provides a template for publishers or authors to provide the necessary descriptions. Alt-text creation may alternatively be contracted to desLibris. The file may be exchanged several times between publisher and production team before signoff.  

The Finished File

The end result of the process is a file which meets the standards shown on the Best Practices page. After payment, this file, the property of the publisher, may be delivered to distributors and licensed for distribution through desLibris.

File Delivery

All Finished files are also stored on the Publisher Repository, from which they may be downloaded or delivered directly to distribution partners.