Services for Canadian Publishers

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Who can sign up?

Qualified Canadian publishers are invited to use our distribution or conversion services.
“Qualified” may be defined by:
  • Membership in a Canadian publishers’ association
  • Contributor to Booknet Canada’s Biblioshare
  • Contributor to Booknet Canada’s Catalist
Although desLibris is not generally suitable for self-publishers, all applications are welcome, so please inquire. More information here.

Publisher Services

There is no cost or obligation involved in opening a publisher account.  An account is required to access these services, which are independent.
  • Licensed distribution through desLibris with royalty payment. Various license models are available.
  • Digital conversion services

The Process

  1. Complete the form to the right
  2. Receive an e-mail confirming your identity
  3. After registration we will contact you with further information.

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