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Distribution Services

License books through desLibris to expand distribution to individuals and institutions

dèsLibris offers Canadian content owners online ebook distribution and optional priced digital conversion services.

With a free account, any qualified publisher may submit books for online distribution, create Onix records and access other free services.

​Publisher Qualifications

Canadian publishers have been partnering with Canadian Electronic Library since 2005.  The desLibris platform was introduced in 2015. By limiting participation to publishers based in Canada, the desLibris brand uniquely promotes recognition among users and library customers worldwide. 

A "qualified Canadian publisher" is:

General Information

After your application is accepted you'll receive login instructions and a Publisher Dashboard where you'll find tools for submitting books, setting licensing terms, getting usage reports and using other services. 

All copyright materials (books) submitted are included in the dèsLibris Preview site.  Distribution of complete books to paying clients (libraries and individuals) through dèsLibris is done under license and royalties are paid on sales.

All dèsLibris library licensing is optional and title-specific. Publishers may choose only the licensing options they consider appropriate; they may add or withdraw titles from distribution at any time without notice. And they may open accounts without electing any licensing in order to take advantage of the premium services we offer.         
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​Direct Sale Benefits for Publishers

The digital files created for all books licensed for desLibris distribution are provided free to publishers in FL ePUB3 (an HTML format.) 

Coupled with the DRM which protects every title, publishers may leverage these components to build direct sales .


Using the ONIX records in desLibris, publishers can use the OnixEdit Shopify Bookstore to create professional ecommerce sites. 

HTML Reader

The DAISYChain HTML Reader provides an online reading app which can be launched from any website.
One click on a cover can open a preview. Adding DRM, the book may be offered for sale.

Access Codes

An easy way to answer requests for short-term licensing on individual titles. To provide digital class sets, create an “access code” for any title and sell the service to academic customers on your pricing and terms. 

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