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Born Accessible Certification

CEL is the first Canadian conversion vendor to be awarded Benetech's Global Certified Accessible™ (GCA) Certification for ebook production.

This program certifies the accessibility of ebooks and assures client publishers that their, "born accessible" files meet international standards.

More from Benetech here.

BookNet on Born Accessible
DAISY on Born Accessible
eBOUND on Accessible Publishing
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​Price List

Prices are based on formats required and pages in the printed book. 

Final prices will be auto-calculated from page counts when orders are placed through the platform. 

Source files accepted: PDF, Reflowable ePUB. InDesign, Quark or Word.

​Sample Files

Below are samples of books certified as Accessible EPUB3, accompanied by their ACE Reports and the ATAR sheets supplied for Alt-text composition. To open the EPUB3, we recommend the Thorium Reader, which may be downloaded from the EDRLab site here.   

Remote Pilot – Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems Study Guide

Reflowable Enhanced EPUB3
ACE Report
ATAR Sheet

Seaplane, Skiplane, and Float/Ski Equipped Helicopter Operations Handbook

Reflowable Enhanced EPUB3
ACE Report
ATAR Sheet

Accessible Formats

Source File / Input FormatsOutputPrice
1 EPUB, PDF, Word, InDesign or Quark,
requires publisher-supplied alt-text 
Reflowable Accessible EPUB3
2 EPUB, PDF, Word, InDesign or Quark, Reflowable Enhanced EPUB3 plus ATAR Service*
Entitlement for alt-text integration, producing Reflowable Accessible EPUB3 
3PDFAccessible PDF** $5.00/page
More on Onix
*More on Alt-Text
Download Quote/Assessment Form

Other Formats and Services

 Output Format DescriptionPrice
 4 Fixed Layout EPUB3 + KPF For Google, iOS, and Kobo + Fixed layout KPF for Amazon/Kindle  $0.45/page
 5 Reflowable EPUB3  For Google, iOS, Kobo and Kindle  $0.70/page
6Reflowable EPUB2     For Google, iOS, Kobo and Kindle          $0.45/page
7Web-Enhanced PDF***PDF with navigational aids like bookmarks, tiered Tables of Contents and linked Index entries  $0.25/page
8 POD (Print on Demand)Formatted to Lightning Source/IngramSpark specs when PDF is supplied
9 OCR Addition of OCR Layer to image-based PDF $0.60/page
10 Hardcopy source Additional charge for source files submitted as hardcopy (for destructive scanning) $.25/page

Other Enhancements****

 11Embed multi-media in fixed-layout EPUB3 files
12Read-aloud highlighting in fixed-layout EPUB3 files
13 Addition of interactive elements to fixed-layout EPUB3 file $1.00/element
14 Addition of pull down menus, match the left and right columns etc. to fixed-layout EPUB3 files $2.00/element
Terms of Service
  • Prices are in Canadian dollars.  Discounts may be offered on large-volume or multi-format orders.
  • All prices are based on receipt of complete source files from publishers in PDF, Quark, Word or InDesign formats. EPUB source files are also acceptable for creation of EPUB products.
    Additional composition or layout work required to prepare source files may be subject to extra charges, which will be communicated for approval before work is done.
    All deliveries will comply with any requirements in Kindle Publishing Guidelines for reflowable books effective on the date of delivery.
    Conversion from hardcopy originals is available at the price of $ .25/page,. Shipping to the conversion facility in Chennai is required at publisher expense. Books shipped will not be returned, since bindings will be cut before pages are scanned. 

  • Where a title is licensed by the publisher for inclusion in the desLibris collection, Fixed Layout EPUB3 is provided without charge 
  • Where content includes multimedia, formulas, tables or multiple columns, surcharges may apply. Quotes will be provided after receipt and assessment of source files, and publisher approval will be obtained before work is done. 
  • All conversion work is subject to a full satisfaction guarantee. Any work deemed unacceptable will be eligible for a 100% refund.   


As of 2021-01-25, the Kindle EPUB format has been removed from this list because the special format is no longer required by Amazon.
As of this date, the change has not been formally announced, but tests show that Accessible Reflowable EPUB3 renders perfectly on Kindle reader apps. Amazon still requires the KPF format for Fixed Layout ePUB3.

More information on Amazon Accessibility Standards:

*The Enhanced file includes all features outlined on the Accessibility Standards and Best Practices page, including ONIX upgrades, with the exception of Alt-text.
To attain full accessibility based on these standards, Alt-text must be added. See more below.   

**See this comparison of EPUB3 and PDF, which includes this statement: .

"PDF can only be made accessible to persons with disabilities after time-consuming, expensive remediation has been completed. [Publishers] may decide to keep the delivery of standard PDF in place and elect to provide a Born Accessible EPUB3 file alongside, which would meet their legal obligations for accessibility and give their customers a choice in how they read."

**** These services, available only with conversion orders, should be requested via the "Special Instruction" panel in the conversion order form. 

​This table shows the differences between the Reflowable EPUB3 (Item 8) and the Enhanced EPUB3 provided in items 2, 4 and 5.  

​*The Alt-text (ATAR) Process 

Descriptions of images are an essential part of the Accessible EPUB3, especially where images are vital to the content. 

Best practice recommends that the alt-text be supplied by someone familiar with the content (editor, publisher or author.) Ideally these descriptions are created and supplied with the source files delivered for conversion. 

If Alt-text image descriptions are not available or supplied with the source file when an order is placed,  the conversion price will include the "ATAR Service."  These are items 2, 4 and 5 on the price list.

These options include the delivery of an Alt-text Assessment Report (ATAR) which is generated as a by-product of the conversion process.  

A placeholder or dummy alt-text marker is inserted in the EPUB file for all tables and images requiring Alt-text. These markers are included in the ATAR Template, which is an Excel file described below.    

The resulting EPUB file, described as "Enhanced," meets all Accessible standards with the exception of the alt-text. content.

This is returned to the publisher accompanied by the ATAR Template. With this delivery, an invoice is issued under standard 30-day payment terms.

The next step (creation of alt-text) is the responsibility of the publisher. The alt-text content may be composed/created by the publisher or another party. 

The Alt-Text Template provides thumbnails of all images and tables in the text in spreadsheet form, with one row per table/image. with fields for "Alt-text - Short" and Alt-text - Long" descriptions. (The "long" description is needed only to add significantly more detail.) The template also provides a complexity rating for each image, the total of which provides a single ATAR Score for the complete title. This can serve as a "complexity rating" for publishers seeking alt-text composition services. 

When the ATAR template is returned, CEL will incorporate the content provided into the EPUB, producing a finished file fully compliant with Accessible standards There is no extra charge for this additional step (designated the ATAR Service.) 

CEL offers alt-text composition at the price of $1/point in the ATAR Score.  

DAISY Knowledge Base for full detail on alt-text provision. 

Terms and Conditions (PDF)
Download Quote/Assessment Form
 Fixed layout EPUB file along with cover image Apple's iBookstore, Kobo and Google
 Fixed layout KPF/KF8 file along with cover image Amazon's KDP platform
 Reflowing EPUB file along with cover image All platforms accepting EPUB files
 Reflowing Kindle EPUB file with cover image Amazon's KDP platform
 Enhanced PDF files All aggregators accepting PDF files
 POD PDF file Amazon's CreateSpace, Ingram's IngramSpark or any other POD supplier
EPUB3: A History from EDRLab