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Cooperative Accessibility Production for Canadian Publishers

To accelerate the entrenchment of accessible EPUB3 in Canadian publishing and library communities, Canadian Electronic Library is now providing all book titles added to the desLibris platform in reflowable EPUB3. 

In a typical year, Canadian publishers add ~2000 frontlist titles to the platform. All Canadian publishers are eligible to submit to desLibris under a range of license options. 

Reflowable EPUB3 fulfills most of the requirements for Accessible EPUB3. The only feature needed to achieve Accessible "certification" in most cases is the addition of Alt-text, which requires publisher participation. 

Access++ gives interested publishers the tools to review/proofread/edit their books in an online HTML environment, to add Alt-text, and to test the results in ACE and SMART.

In so doing, the program provides a demonstration of the merits of the format for publishers and all library users, not just print-disabled, removing the “special-use” lens through which the format is now regarded.

How does it work?
  • All titles received for inclusion in desLibris are converted to Reflowable EPUB3 which is labelled "Enhanced" to indicate that the file meets all Accessiblity standards with the exception of Alt-text. 
  • These files are posted on the platform for user access under the license terms approved by the publisher.
  • They are also added to the publisher's Repository or file storage site.
  • By going to the Repository and placing the Enhanced EPUB3 in a conversion order cart, the publisher gains access to the ACCESS++ suite of tools designed for remediation and ultimately certification though ACE and SMART.
  • After the publisher has completed this step and signed off on the file, the Enhanced EPUB3 is replaced by the Accessible EPUB3, which is the format that readers will view/use from that point forward. 
  • Payment of the ACCESS++ fee makes the Accessible EPUB3 the property of the publisher. 

Terms and Conditions for Participating Publishers

There are no changes required for publishers currently submitting titles for inclusion on the desLibris platform.

Licensing terms remain under the control of publishers. All options remain in place

Acceptable Source file formats remain PDF, ePUB, Word or InDesign. 

The ONIX generated for these titles conforms to the Accessible Onix specs described here

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Access for Readers

Users will find all Access ++ titles on the desLibris platform through the Accessible Collection. 

With the Thorium reader being introduced in March 2021, the accessible features of each title will be exposed to users. 

Accessibility in ONIX (PDF)
Accessiblity in MARC
Booknet on Accessible Publshing

Program Qualifications

ACCESS++ terms may be applied to any frontlist title submitted  by a publisher belonging to one of these groups: 

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